Hello and Welcome!

Dana GrantMy name is Dana Grant, the soul gardener, a nurturer of the soul. I am also a life coach, Co-Founder and Creator of Cali'flour Foods, and a former Lobbyist/Pro Business at U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

I aspire to be a giver, a giver of love, a giver of good vibes, and a giver of strength. I like to think of my life as a balance of yin versus yang: chaos in the midst of creativity, health in the midst of chocolate cravings, and calm in the midst of pressure to embody my best self.

Cooking has been my therapist ever since I was old enough to confidently hold a wooden spoon, and it’s been a faithful companion through the years. Working with food clears my mind, inspires my creativity, and provides me with a unique way to express myself. I think I would say that my zeal for small joys is what makes me powerful.

Appreciating what makes my day good, and what makes my day challenging.

Providing me with gratitude beyond what I can express with words, and that is what I aim to help every single person who comes to me with: feeling gratitude for this incredible life we are all given one chance to live.


Coming Soon...

So excited about the next phase of my life! Stay tuned, as I soon will be launching my new website and podcast, both designed to help you find the rhythm in your life, and feed your soul!